Slaves in the Kaverns

“The true slave knows that her slavery, her natural slavery, is not a matter of the brand and collar, but of herself.”

Vagabonds of Gor

Slaves of the Home

nara{KK}Red Silk
shiva{KK}Yellow Silk
na`lira{KK}Yellow Silk
emel[KK]Thrall, Beginner Level
evie{KK}Yellow Silk
so`lana{KK}Yellow Silk

Personal Slaves

{lara}RHPersonal Slave to RavenHeart, First GirlBond-maid
adeen{R}Personal Slave to Rhage, Second GirlRed Silk
freya{OR}Personal Slave to OdinsRuneBond-maid
{talia}DPersonal Slave to DemonessBond-maid
[loki]DPersonal Slave to DemonessThrall, High Level
enya Personal slave to RassRed Silk